Our History

In the April 1968 magazine –Welsh Rugby.

The real beginning was in 1904 when they were known as the Aberavon Excels and played in an all white strip. After the first world war in 1918 the nucleus of the Excels met and formed the Aberavon Harlequins R.F.C. as it has been known as ever since. They played on flat waste ground in what is now the Sandfields Estate; this then became to be known as the Harlequins Field. They changed in St Dyfrigs Church Hall. Sid Davies who had been with the Excels was the secretary and the skipper was Griff Bamsey, who together with his brother Willie became stalwart forwards with Neath & Aberavon.

Players and players were intermingled and names which must be mentioned include, Cliff Tanner, Will Hopkins, Jim Randall, J. Arthur Jones, David James (The coal), Tom Hyatt, George Boobyer and John Marshall.Gwyn John was chairman; Jim Davies succeeded Sid Davies as secretary.

The earliest photograph to hand ( in 1968), is indicative of the playing strength of the team at that time. It includes, Stan Davies, Willie Charles Thomas ( Welsh Reserve & Aberavon), Arthur Cook, Trevor Walters, I.O. David, Sam Williams (The Drummer), George Gray, Willie Bamsey, J.A. Jones, Tommy Gibbon, Dick Tucker, Sid James, Idwal Rees, Billy Radcliffe, ‘Jinks’ Stanford, Dai James ( Aberavon), Phil James & trainer Rhys Cook. They were winners of the Aberavon & Port Talbot Junior League Championship Cup and Hospitals Cup.