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07 February 2016 / Team News

Aberavon Quins Development 47 Pyle Seconds 5

The Quins development team enjoyed practically balmy conditions in this rearranged Bridgend District League game, the wind dropped and the temperature notched up as the weather lulled between storms Henry and Imogen.  The “Field of Screams” or Paddy’s field didn't actually resemble a paddy field, with no standing water and even an occasional firm patch between the mostly sticky underfoot conditions.  The weather was a major factor in this result, it enabled the expansive all action play of the home team to come to the fore.


The Quins development team are a one “bic” team, with the exception of Jamie Gibbs (who's 30 years old but ironically looks the youngest) and skipper Karl Davies, also 30 something, this Quins team collectively have more bum fluff than stubble.

Jacob Flynn, on his return from injury, so therefore considered for this game as a natural way of playing himself into contention for both the first team and possibly Aberavon selection was at his best, chirping away like a demented budgie at his tormented forwards. His passing was mostly accurate his support play was “Sean Edwardesque” and he ran like mountain stream after a storm, twisting and turning at impossible angles and accelerating through unobstructed gaps.  His performance was topped off with two tries, opening the scoring and also notching try number seven of the nine scored.


Pyle showed tenacity and brought their much vaunted aggression along with them, their “on the edge” attitude didn't impress the referee Mr Morris and they were collectively punished on many occasions.  Captain Karl Davies instructed kicks to the corner early on much to the bemusement of the healthy and hearty crowd, his decision was justified when the driving maul fell over the try line and awarded the score, once the pile was stripped away captain Karl was found at the bottom with a beaming smile.  He also took on the goal kicking duties and peppered the posts with near misses amongst the one conversion he slotted.


The Quins forwards were in great scrummaging form constantly reversing the visiting eight, in fairness Pyle number 8 Dan Forrester managed the situation with aplomb, picking up the difficult retreating ball and challenging the gain line on every occasion. The Quins front row of the Studious Morley, the boisterous Pugh, and the “Boiler” passionate Helson dominated throughout and the pressure didn't cease when replaced with Jordan “the enforcer” Hunt, Ieaun “Chris Griffin” Evans and Marcus “sometimes” Francis.


Niall Price, fresh from his recent contact session with motor vehicles in Cardiff city centre, performed with his usual all action style,  scattering would be defenders and creating space for his wingers, he also enjoyed bone shuddering tackles on the Pyle runners. Fellow centre Will Peake also enjoyed the occasion with the plentiful supply of quality ball, he managed to cross the whitewash for his first Quins try.  Wingers Ben Evans and Kyle Williams showed their paces and were always threatening, Evans also managed a 5 pointer finishing a lovely flowing movement, Williams also looks like he's going to cause some harm either to the opposition or himself with his mad, eccentric all action style.


Lock forward Johnny Thomas also contributed much and earned his promotion to play in the first team this coming week (in case any Bridgend District Committee are reading this, it's the reason we run a development team, so that young players play and develop into first team and possibly premiership players) he was placed in cotton wool early in the second half to be replaced by the master puppeteer Dale Bowen.  Bowen reminded me of the old Liverpool midfielder Jan Molby, similar in stature he remained mainly in the middle of the field orchestrating all around him, he rarely moved but barked orders like a drill sergeant.  When he actually decided to partake in proceedings he remarkably scored two tries, no doubt the Guinness sales in Dublin will exceed expectations this weekend with his celebrations.  His try scoring antics incited much excitement on the poplar bank with many “first teamers” on the verge of hysteria has the Bowen came into land for his second try.  


The back row trio lauded about the field on the back of  front five dominance, Liam Oates also added to the lineout effort and despite being smashed in one tackle played with calm assurance.  Corey ‘sharp as a tack” Bradley replaced him and he too played with tenacious persistence, when asked about alopecia he said he didn't know any native Americans.  Sam Richards also played a big part in this victory, carrying like a Spanish Bull, tackling like a Fijian,  deftly off loading the ball and supreme in the lineout, he also scored a try. Openside Billy Rowlands playing in yet another position must be the most versatile player in the club, whatever number this player don’s he gives nothing but 100% his lack of height is no hindrance to him and he constantly out muscles the opposition, he is an all energy player who enjoys all the donkey work alongside the glamorous stuff.  He and his fellow students from Cardiff have been an essential part of this teams success.

So on this team marches with nothing but red tape and poor decisions stopping them.  Same turn out required for the remaining matches including away games would be great to keep all the golden oldies on the touchline where we belong.

Match report by Andrew Dacey : Photo by Vance Broad

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