02 November 2017 / Club News

R.I.P. Cyril O'Connor

It is with a very heavy heart, that we learned today of the departure from this life of Cyril
Well loved and extremely well respected, Cyril’s death following illness will hang heavily on
all that knew him.
As a Green Stars player and captain during the club’s ‘Invincible’ era, Cyril was a man to be
reckoned with and someone that you did not take lightly - not unless there was a full moon,
you had a loaded AK47, carried a rabbit’s foot and a wore a very large sprig of lucky
heather. It was rumoured that if Cyril had been in the enforcement business, the SAS would
have paid him protection money.
After his playing days, Cyril championed the cause of the Green Stars, then pioneered the
formation of St. Joseph’s Old Boys RFC, overseeing their merger with and eventual rise to
prominence of Tata Steel RFC. As committeeman and Chairman of Tata Steel RFC, Cyril
has served the club with distinction for over 20 years, steadfastly upholding the contribution
made by the Old Boys, while continuing to drive the club forward to ever greater success.
If the purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose, then Cyril O’Connor’s as a distinguished
player, career steelworker, loving husband, father, grandfather, committeeman and friend to
thousands, was indeed purposeful.
We are born and then we die, what comes in between is up to us. For Cyril O’Connor the bit
in between was lived well and turned out very, very good indeed. We are all much poorer for
his loss.

Chris O’Callaghan

Aberavon Harlequins RFC

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